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Are you rail safe?

The safety of our customers, community and staff is our number one priority. To ensure everyone enjoys their experience on Light Rail, we have developed this Safety Toolkit. With your help, we aim to work together to engage the community in safe rail practices.

Resources include ready-to-go content for your staff, students or customer newsletter, social media tiles, videos, and brochures. We are also available to help you develop your own content on light rail safety.

Please contact our Community Engagement Team by email Together we can work together and keep everyone rail safe!

Rail Safety Week (RSW) is a national annual community awareness week held in Australia and New Zealand designed to engage the community in safe rail practices. This year RSW runs from 5-11 August 2024.

For more information, please click here.

We have developed a series of content that you can easily insert into your staff, students, customer, or member newsletter. Infographics and accompanying text can be easily inserted to both digital and printed newsletter.
The button to press to open the door

Onboard safety

  • Always stay alert when on stops and while boarding light rail vehicles.
    • LOOK – for the flashing red light above the door
    • LISTEN – for the audible beep of the closing doors
    • PRESS – the yellow door button to safely re-open the doors.
  • When waiting at a stop, stand back from the tracks behind the yellow line.
  • Please keep the doorways clear and wait for all customers to exit before you board.
  • Allow passengers with mobility impairment or wheelchairs to board first.
  • If travelling with young children, hold their hand whilst waiting at the stop and when getting on and off the LRV.
  • Stand clear of doors when they are closing, and stay RailSafe
Pedestrians crossing the light rail tracks

Safety for pedestrians

  • Only cross the tracks at designated crossings.
  • Always look both ways before crossing the tracks.
  • Pay attention and stay alert around LRVs.
  • Headphones, reading, texting or taking photos or selfies can put you at risk.
  • Take care with pram wheels or wheelchairs when crossing the tracks.
Bikes stoping at the racks next to a light rail stop

Safety for cyclists

  • Always keep a safe distance from LRVs.
  • Ride directly over the tracks at a right angle to avoid your wheels getting stuck.
  • Do not ride along the rail track.
  • Always cross the tracks at designated crossings and intersections.
  • Do not cross in front of a moving LRV and where possible, avoid braking on the tracks.
Cars driving next to a light rail

Safety for drivers

  • It is prohibited to drive along the tracks at any time.
  • Do not queue across the tracks at any time.
  • Do not drive across the tracks unless the path ahead is clear.
  • Truck drivers should ensure their vehicle load does not come close to the overhead wire when crossing at intersections.
A lady smiling and tapping on the MyWay card at light rail stop

Have you got your ticket?

All passengers travelling on light rail need to validate their ticket before travelling.

  • All Transport Canberra fares and tickets, including pre-purchased bus tickets, are valid.
  • Get your MyWay card from a registered agent and tap on at the platform before boarding
  • Tap off at your destination stop to pay the cheapest fare
  • If you travel on a concession, always carry your concession card with you when you travel
  • Find out more about ticketing and fares at
A wheelchair boarding the light rail

Light rail is inclusive and accessible for all

The light rail network is inclusive and accessible for all.

  • All stop platforms are accessible via ramps, and entry to the LRV is almost level with the platform at every stop.
  • There are two designated areas on board every light rail vehicle for mobility aid users, indicated by an accessibility symbol on the floor of the LRV.
  • Hearing loops are available on board LRVs and at every stop to assist customers with hearing aids
  • Braille lettering is located at each stop help point and on every LRV entry/exit door button.
Staff pointing out the Emergency Help Point at light rail

Need help while travelling on light rail? Use an emergency help point.

If you are concerned about your safety or the safety of others, please use the Emergency Help Point on platforms and on board LRVs to contact staff. Emergency help points are located onboard all light rail vehicles (LRV) at each door and wheelchair accessible space, and at light rail stops.

The Emergency Help Points connect a user with the CMET Operations Control Centre via intercom and CCTV.

Bikes loaded at the bracket in the light rail

Bikes on board

Did you know that every light rail vehicle has designated space to carry 4 bicycles?

Follow these steps to safely stow your bike when travelling on light rail.

Steps to load the bicycle into the bracket:

  1. Use the bracket against the wall first, decide which way to mount the bicycle – front to back is usually best
  2. Raise the wheel up to the side of the bracket (high enough to slip into the hook)
  3. Move the wheel sideways into the hook of the bracket
  4. Lower the wheel down into the wings of the bracket

Steps to unload the bicycle out of the bracket:

  1. If necessary, adjust the adjacent bicycle slightly to allow for ease of access to your bicycle
  2. Raise the wheel up (high enough to slip out of the hook)
  3. Move the wheel sideways out of the hook of the bracket
  4. Lower the wheel down to the floor and safely wheel your bicycle from the LRV
A choice of two social media tiles can be used on all social media platforms to promote safety when crossing tracks and at stops.

Looking for something fun to add to your campaign? Download the light rail vehicle “ting” sound to alert your users.


A range of fact sheets and fun activity sheets can be downloaded relating to light rail safety.

A comprehensive user guide for light rail and safety brochures are available for download from our website. Limited printed copies can also be obtained upon request.

Student Cards – High School Students

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When travelling on #TC bus and light rail services on a student concession always remember to carry your Student ID card. Have it ready to present your card to Canberra Metro Operations and Transport Canberra staff upon request. Find out more about concessions online here:


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