Frequently Asked Questions

LRV is an acronym for Light Rail Vehicle. An LRV runs on rail tracks within a dedicated corridor, powered by overhead wires through a pantograph.

Ticketing and MyWay

No, only at each stop from the ticket vending machine.
No, passengers will be required to Tap on and Tap off using the Platform Validators located on the Stops.
Light Rail fares will be the same as Transport Canberra Bus Services – MyWay and Cash Fares
If your child is 5 or under and not attending school, they travel free. Otherwise a student ticket must be purchased.
Yes, all fares, discounts and concessions that apply on Transport Canberra buses will apply to travel on the Light Rail.
MyWay cards can be used for travel on the Light Rail. Passengers will be able to tap on and tap off at the Light Rail stops.

You can purchase paper tickets from the Ticket Vending Machine on the stops. You can purchase a single ride – adult and/or concession ticket or a daily - adult and/or concession ticket.

You can find out if you're eligible for a concession ticket by visiting the MyWay Concessions information page.
At a Ticket Vending Machine you can top up your MyWay card or purchase a single or daily adult or concession ticket using cash or payWave.
No You cannot purchase a MyWay card at a Ticket Vending Machine. However, you are still able to purchase and top up your MyWay card at MyWay recharge agents. You can only buy MyWay cards at MyWay Recharge Agents or online. With over 30 MyWay Recharge Agents located across Canberra, purchasing your new MyWay card is easy. MyWay Recharge Agents are authorised to issue Standard, Tertiary, Concession, and Student MyWay cards. You can find out what card type you're eligible for by visiting the MyWay Concessions information page.

Yes you can add value to your MyWay card. The electronic ticket vending machine accepts cash and payWave transactions. When paying with card/payWave, you can top-up up to $90 in one transaction. A MyWay card has a top-up capacity of $150. The ticketing machine has easy to follow instructions on how to top up your MyWay card.

For further information on purchasing and using your MyWay card go to Transport Canberra MyWay & Cash Fares.
You can check your MyWay balance at the Ticket Vending Machine at all Light Rail stops and major bus stations. You can also check your balance at the platform validators located at each stop.
Yes, you need to tap on at the platform validator, before you board and again when you alight the light rail. Otherwise you will be charged the maximum fare. There are platform validators located at every stop.

Yes you will, otherwise you will be charged the maximum fare. MyWay cards are charged a discounted fare per ride, once the MyWay card has been correctly tapped on and tapped off at the Light Rail Stop. Failure to tap off may result in the maximum fare.

For further information on purchasing and using your MyWay card go to Transport Canberra MyWay & Cash Fares.
There will be Customer Service Officers travelling on the network happy to assist, although they won’t be at every stop or on board ever LRV. Each Ticket Vending Machine has instructions on how to use.
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Yes, our Customer Service Officers will be authorised to check tickets and issue infringement notices for incorrect use of MyWay ticketing concessions or fare evasion.
Yes, our Customer Service Officers will be authorised to check MyWay cards and issue infringement notices for incorrect use of MyWay ticketing concessions or fare evasion.
You should receive a prompt on the platform validator confirming your tap on/off has been successful.
You will receive one of the following prompts.
  • Pre-issue
  • Your MyWay has expired
  • This MyWay can no longer be used
  • Please re-present your MyWay
  • This MyWay has already been tapped on
  • Transaction failed

On board the Light Rail

Yes you can, but bikes must be secured in the bicycle rack. Bike rack use is on a first come, first serve basis. There is a maximum of 4 bikes per LRV.
Yes. We have dedicated wheelchair boarding points located at each stop and 4 on-board spaces with a restraint on every LRV. Customer Service Officers (when available) and Drivers are available to assist. For more information
Yes. At the stop keep your pram parallel (sideways) to the tracks, behind the yellow line. Be mindful of slopes and high winds which can cause your pram to roll. Always apply the brakes and restrain your child in the pram. Board the LRV with the pram in front of you, lifting the front wheels over the small gap. When exiting the LRV, step out first then pull the pram towards you, rear wheels first.
No. For the comfort and safety of all passengers there is no food or drink to be consumed on the LRV unless in the case of a medical requirement.
Assistance animals are able to travel on a lead in the LRV, they are required to be a registered assistance animal with appropriate qualification/registration and where applicable wear an identifiable coat.
Yes, these seats are red and passengers must vacate for priority users.
Yes, each LRV has ergonomically designed handrails that are designed for stability assistance.
Yes, pets can travel on the LRV however they must be contained in a secure pet carrier and can be carried without disrupting the safety and comfort of other passengers.

The LRV can seat 66 passengers and cater for approximately 141 additional standing passengers comfortably.

We have 4 dedicated wheelchair spaces and 12 red priority seats.

Catching the Light Rail

A route map can be found at or Transport Canberra website once implemented.

We have 13 stops located through the Light Rail route from Gungahlin to the City.
There will be electronic passenger information display board on board every LRV. There are also pre-recorded announcements on board the LRV advising the next stop name as it approaches (and at every stop).
Always remain behind the marked yellow line. Do not move forward until the LRV has stopped.
Each door has a yellow button. Simply press the button to open the door. The door will remain closed when the LRV is moving.
There are bike racks located on the road verges in close proximity to each Light Rail Stop, but not on the platform. There is also a bicycle cage located near the Nullarbor Avenue stop.
No. Although public toilets in the vicinity of selected stops can be found on the information map located on the platform.
Yes there is an emergency help button on board every LRV which are located near the doors. Every stop also has an emergency help button. For more information
Yes, both on board all LRVs and at every stop. LRVs are fitted with CCTV cameras to monitor on board activity and there are CCTV cameras at each stop. Canberra Metro Operations (CMET) uses CCTV in accordance with ACT Government guidelines, relevant regulations and legislation.
If the Light Rail is not operational, replacement buses will be scheduled.

The travelling schedule can be found or

LRV arrival information is also available at each stop.

For Special Events in the ACT, the Light Rail timetable may be modified and will be made available on the TC website and the CMET website.

Lost Property

All items found on our LRV or stops or handed to our staff, are sent to the Lost Property Office located at the Depot in Mitchell. To notify of your lost item please go online to
Once your lost property has been identified as found, you will be notified by CMET. Details of where to pick up lost property and business hours will be provided.

Other information

For information on jobs on the Light Rail go to our website
“T” Lights have been introduced onto traffic signals along the Light Rail corridor. They are only applicable to LRVs. Motorists continue to obey the road traffic signals. If you see a white ‘T’ don’t try to cross the intersection, wait for the green light.

Travelling on the Light Rail

We want all our passengers to have an enjoyable experience with Light Rail. We ask that passengers:
  • leave priority seating free for those who need it
  • avoid disturbing other passengers with high volume noise (eg loud music, phone calls and shouting among groups)
  • move away from the doors of crowded LRVs to allow new passengers to board
When travelling on the Light Rail, passengers must ensure they:
  • are respectful, polite and considerate to other passengers, Customer Service Officers and the driver
  • obey directions given by the Customer Service Officers
  • do not interfere with safety equipment
  • • offer to give up their seat to pregnant, elderly passengers or those with a disability when sitting in a marked priority seating area
  • respect Light Rail property and report vandalism to the Customer Service Officers or driver
  • be considerate of their noise level in the LRV and lower voices or other sounds if necessary
  • do not leave litter on the LRV
  • do not carry dangerous items or substances