Extreme heat warning -
Reminder to stay hydrated, seek shade, check on others

New signage developed to help ensure your safety

Tram only

To indicate a “Tramway”. These signs will be located at intersects of road and rail to advise that only Light Rail Vehicles can enter, other vehicles are not permitted.

Warning sign to advise pedestrians to give way to trams

To be used to provide awareness and an instruction (and hence warning) to pedestrians to take care when in proximity to or when crossing the rail tracks.

Warning sign for cyclist crossing rail

Warning signs are required for cyclists where they are likely to cross the rail at angles less than 90 degrees

No Parking, Light Rail Maintenance Vehicles Excepted (Parking Bay)

Dedicated parking bays located within approximately 50m of each Light Rail Stop, permitted only for Maintenance Vehicles for Light Rail related works. Note a valid permit from Access Canberra (managed by Canberra Metro) is required to legally park in these bays.

Light Rail Vehicle speed sign

For LRV speed limits only.

Light Rail Vehicle directional indicator arrow

For LRV turnout

DKE intersection treatment

Used at Road / Rail intersections to demarcate the Dynamic Kinematic Envelope (DKE). Note B3 Barrier Line (yellow) on track side and Continuity Line (yellow) on road side.

Traffic light sequence varies

Light rail vehicles will always have priority at traffic lights, ensuring the order of traffic light sequencing will vary for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

Safety resources for download

ACT Policing's Constable Kenny Koala program

This program is designed to educate child care and primary-aged school children on a range of safety themes, including traffic and road safety. The program is aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Canberra Metro is working in collaboration with the program in relation to light rail safety. Schools are encouraged to book a traffic and road safety presentation by Constable Kenny Koala. Whilst this will not be a specific presentation about the light rail, light rail safety will be underscored.

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The TrackSAFE Foundation

The TrackSAFE Foundation is an Australia-wide, registered harm prevention charity dedicated to reducing near collisions, injuries and fatalities on the rail network. TrackSAFE Education is an initiative of the TrackSAFE Foundation. TrackSAFE Ed is an Australian curriculum-based rail safety education initiative focussing on students’ capabilities and making safe choices around the rail network. Safety education-resources for primary school students are available from the TrackSAFE Education website. Schools are encouraged to request a free TrackSAFE Education Pack, including colourful classroom and staff resources.

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Constable Kenny important tips
Digital Toolkit

The safety of our customers, community and staff is our number one priority. To ensure everyone enjoys their experience on Light Rail, we have developed this Safety Toolkit which shows what you can do to stay safe and make your journey a great experience.

Resources include ready-to-go content for your staff or customer newsletter, social media tiles, videos and brochures. We are also available to help you develop your own content on light rail safety.

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