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Meet Tilo: General Manager of Operations & Maintenance

Tilo Franz is the General Manager for Operations and Maintenance at CMET, with over 25 years’ experience driving light rail vehicles (LRVs) and managing rail projects.

His career began in Germany as an LRV driver, after completing a degree in mechanical engineering. He has since worked with transport systems internationally before settling in Canberra.

Since joining CMET Tilo has overseen our light rail from the early stages, moving from design & construction into operations and has gone above and beyond in his role as General Manager by continuing to drive an LRV several times a week on top of his managerial duties. Despite previously holding a light rail licence in Greece, Turkey, Germany and South East Asia he insisted on earning his ticket in the Capital so he could understand our system from the tracks up.

Tilo’s extensive knowledge and background in German engineering has been a valuable asset to CMET. Tilo continues to lead by example, delivering a first class light rail service to our community.

Read more about Tilo & the CMET leadership team here.


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