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Are you paying the correct fare?

With the launch of Canberra’s Light Rail Network in April 2019 all of Canberra became Better Connected, with one fare for bus and light rail.

All passengers need to purchase their tickets or tap on their MyWay cards before boarding the Light Rail. Platform Validators are available on every platform to making paying the cheapest fare easy by tapping off once you arrive at your destination. If you are connecting with a Transport Canberra bus service you must tap on and off between each trip. All Transport Canberra fares and tickets, including pre-purchased bus tickets, are valid.

If you have a concession card you may be eligible for reduced or free fares when travelling on Transport Canberra bus and light rail services. Follow the steps on the Transport Canberra website to register your concession MyWay card.

Customer Service Officers (CSOs) regularly check tickets on board the Light Rail to ensure that all passengers are paying the correct fares. If travelling on a concession ticket or MyWay card, you must also carry your concession ID. When checking tickets, CSOs will request to sight your concession card.

Penalties may apply for travelling without a valid ticket.


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