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Canberra Metro Operations: Feature Artist

Here at CMET we love featuring the unique ways our commuters capture their journeys on the Light Rail. Meet September’s Featured Artist: Girish Toraskar

Girish has been a Canberra local a little over 12 years. An architect by profession, Girish has swapped his drafting board for a sketch book to seriously pursue art two years ago. He sketches and paints urban landscapes in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

A member of Urban Sketchers Canberra, Girish has been sketching the Light Rail since it was introduced at the Community Open Day at Gungahlin Place, August 2018.

“I have been sketching since childhood, it is like an addiction… I enjoy sketching the Light Rail because of the colour and design of the vehicle, the stops and the staff uniform. It has brought colour to the otherwise grey and green of the city. Secondly, as an architect, I am a staunch supporter of good public transport in view of our environment and want to do my bit to promote it. Through my sketches I am seeing Canberra in [a]new light.”

Girish’s sketches will be featured on CMET’s Facebook & Instagram pages over the month of September. Head over to our pages to check them out!



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