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How to use Light Rail: Doors

LRV doors were designed to ensure the LRV stays warm in winter and cool in summer. This means that doors do not open automatically at stops. To open the doors when the LRV is fully stationary, press the centre of the yellow button on the door, which will be lit up.

Doors will open for 10 seconds. They will beep to warn passengers that the doors will close.

LRV doors are fitted with obstacle detection pressure-sensors that meet an internationally approved standard and is common among other train, tram and Light Rail systems worldwide. When the doors detect an obstacle in their path they re-open, before attempting to close again. This system differs from systems commonly found in elevator doors, in that the doors will physically touch the obstacle before reopening. Passengers should not try and  re-open them by waving their arms between the doors, running through the doors, or throwing items through the doors. To hold the doors open, or to re-open the doors, simply press the yellow button at any time.

Check out our video on Light Rail doors here:


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