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Lost something on the Light Rail?

Have you ever left anything on the Light Rail? Did you assume it was lost forever? That might not be the case!

LRVs are checked at the end of every service for items, so it’s more likely than not that your lost items have been recovered by someone in our team. Every week CMET Drivers and CSOs return close to 30 items of lost property to the Light Rail depot. Everything from MyWay cards to glasses, lunchboxes to soccer balls and more are returned to our lost property office.

All lost property queries can be lodged through the easy-to-use smart form on our website’s Lost Property page. Once your query has been received our depot team will be in contact to let you know if your item has been handed in.

Lost Property Stats:

Total items of lost property: 574

Total items returned to passengers: 153

Percentage return rate: 26%

#1 item lost on the Light Rail: Umbrellas


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