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What to do if you need assistance while travelling on light rail

Passenger safety is our number one priority.

In an emergency, or if you experience a situation on board the light rail or at stop that makes you uncomfortable or feel threatened , you can easily access help by using one of the Emergency Help Points (EHPs). EHPs are located on board every LRV door, in the wheelchair accessible spaces, and on each light rail stop.

If there are no CMET Customer Service Officers available and you need assistance on a light rail stop or onboard an LRV, you can press an EHP to contact the CMET Operations Control Centre (OCC). Once activated, the EHP acts as an intercom with the OCC staff, who will ascertain the type of emergency situation and what support services may be required. Pressing an EHP will also bring up your location on the CCTV screens, so one of CMET’s staff members can assist and monitor your situation in real-time.

Help us make the light rail a safe and pleasant experience for everyone by reporting incidents, unattended items or suspicious behaviour to any available staff. Alternatively, call 000 in an emergency or contact 131 444 to report suspicious activity.


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