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Rail Wrap! Rail Safety Week 2019

Rail Safety Week may be over for another year but the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and everyone who interacts with the Light Rail is important 365 days a year.

This year CMET and Transport Canberra partnered with the Australian Federal Police and ACT Government on the Rail Safety Week campaign: Pay Attention – it’s everyone’s responsibility, introducing Rail Safety Ambassador Vanessa Low. Read about Vanessa’s story here, or in Canberra Weekly’s 15 August Edition.

Rail Safety isn’t just a message for those travelling on the Light Rail; pedestrians walking and motorists driving around the Light Rail need to pay attention to ensure that they keep themselves and those around them safe.

Stay safe around Light Rail with some simple actions everyday:

    • Stay behind the yellow line at the light rail stop
    • Pedestrians only cross the tracks at designated walkways
    • Passengers should look to make sure the road is clear when exiting a light rail vehicle
    • Road users remember to always check blind spots – particularly to your right – before crossing light rail tracks.
    • Pedestrians to be alert to your surroundings, limit distractions such as mobile phones and headphones when walking around or across light rail tracks.

During Rail Safety Week CMET customer service team were out and about in the community talking about rail safety, see some photos below of activities and messages from the week.

If you are interested in finding out more about Light Rail Safety programs, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team at info@cmet.com.au





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