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Rail Safety Ambassador’s message to school students

CMET’s Rail Safety Ambassador and Paralympic Gold Medalist Vanessa Low is currently preparing for World Championships and the first opportunity to qualify a position to compete at the 2020 Paralympic Games. Despite her busy schedule Vanessa continues to put her passion for Rail and Road safety first, taking time out to visit schools to talk about Rail Safety and the impact not paying attention around the tracks has had on her life.

As Vanessa told assemblies at both Harrison School and Burgmann Anglican School; despite the opportunities she has had in life after her injury, the tragic accident when she was 15 could have been avoided if she and the people around her had simply been paying attention.

On a visit to students at Gungahlin College, Vanessa spoke also about the technology used in her prosthetic legs and how advancements in recent years are giving athletes the opportunities to push past the limits of the human body.

The message of Pay Attention around Light Rail is a simple one and urges passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike to limit distractions, follow road rules, and to always look both ways for approaching Light Rail Vehicles before crossing the tracks.

Learn more about Vanessa’s story here.

For information about Rail Safety for schools please contact the CMET team at info@cmet.com.au



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