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Meet the light rail staff working Christmas Day

Work is the last thing many Canberrans will be thinking about as they enjoy Christmas Day with family and friends, but for some of our staff it’s just another day.  With services operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, light rail will operate to a Sunday and Public Holiday frequency on Christmas Day, with services from 7am to 11:30pm. This year 24 of CMET’s drivers, customer service officers (CSOs) and controllers will be working across the day, keeping services running for those who need them. Two of our staff working are Ed and Jo, a husband & wife team who have worked for CMET since 2018. Ed is a driver, and Jo is a CSO. You might have heard from Ed on the UC UnCover podcast, talking about his experience as a driver. You can find the full range of podcasts here.

While this is the first Christmas Day that Ed & Jo have worked together for CMET, it isn’t their first Christmas on the job. “When we ran the [Ainslie] Newsagency & Post Office we worked about 5 Christmas Days. Back then we had young kids, so it was a bit more of an impact than it is for us now.” Ed mentions.

The pair don’t mind working Christmas Day, “Now that our kids are grown and have families of their own, we celebrate together every second year. We had our Christmas all together last weekend, which works well for everyone”, Jo confirms. In fact, with their shift times almost identical on Christmas Day, it allows more time together than they might otherwise see, “Sometimes our rosters are completely opposite, and we are like ships in the night. Christmas day we finish at almost the same time (1 minute apart, to be exact), so will be able to enjoy the afternoon together at home.”
Jo is looking forward to working; “I just think it will be such a nice day. Everyone will be happy and relaxed.” Be sure to give a wave and a smile if you see drivers and CSOs out and about and keep a special eye out for a guest appearance from the big man himself. Word is, he might be taking the light rail home after dropping off gifts to children in Canberra.

Travel on all Transport Canberra services, including light rail and bus, is free on Christmas Day.

From everyone at CMET, we wish you a safe and Merry Christmas.


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