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Meet our CSOs – Susan & Kenneth

Canberra Metro Operations is a customer-focused organisation, and no position knows customers better than our Customer Service Officers (CSOs). Our CSOs are out and about every day, from first service to last, to ensure passenger safety and comfort. Not only do our CSOs love interacting with passengers, but they love Canberra, and are more than happy to chat to passengers and offer recommendations for what’s around the nation’s capital.

Two of our CSOs, Susan & Kenneth, stopped by today to talk about customer service on the Light Rail:

What did you do before working for CMET?

Susan: My husband and I owned and ran a swim school for 30 years. Along with instructing, I also handled all of the customer service aspects of the business.

Kenneth: I used to work as a controller in the bus network in Singapore, before moving to study Law. I sort of fell into a customer service role with Transport Canberra, before coming to CMET.

What do you like most about your role as a CSO?

Susan: I love that every day is really different in what we do in the role, and I love interacting with all of the different customers we see on board.

Kenneth: Definitely the people. People in Canberra are very friendly and approachable, it’s definitely true that Canberra is a big country town. The people are very friendly compared to cities like Sydney or Melbourne.

Be sure to say hi to Susan, Kenneth and the rest of the team next time you see them on board!


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