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Meet Jasmin – Finalist #2 of CMET & Gungahlin College’s Safety Campaign

Jasmin Turner

Year 11

Poster Campaign: Use your ears Live for years


Tell us a little about yourself:

I aspire to be a graphic designer when I’m older. This project, designing all the of the different assets, was a big learning curve for me. I really enjoyed working on my poster design, generally I love the creative side of any assessment at school.

Do you use the Light Rail?

Yes, I catch the light rail to travel into the city.

What inspired you to choose this message?

The first Light Rail incident [here in Canberra] was with someone wearing their headphones, and it happened even before the light rail started! So the idea of  not wearing headphones was a core message that I wanted to convey.

What about the design do you think talks to people?

Definitely the colours in the artwork make it stand out and catch people’s eye. The red really stands out and makes people aware. The circles to draw attention into the man with his headphones and I found the words going around the circle was a key element I really liked because it’s eye catching.

What do you think the most important safety message is for passengers?

Stop look and listen before crossing the tracks




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