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Finalist #1 – CMET & Gungahlin College Safety Campaign

Anne-Marie Mansour
Year 12

Poster Campaign: #presspauseCBR

Tell us a little about yourself:
Art is a real passion of mine, and one I will be looking to develop through studying a Bachelor of Design at university. This was actually my first semester of graphic design, picking it up in my final terms of year 12.

Do you use the Light Rail?
I caught the light rail every day to school from Watson

Tell us a bit about your safety campaign:

My original idea was really illustrative [hand drawn], because I didn’t have great experience in Adobe Illustrator. It didn’t really work out and I ended up learning Adobe Illustrator and making my #presspauseCBR campaign

What inspired you to choose this message?
I really tried to make my campaign detailed but as minimal as possible – I wanted to make the audience think about my message. I looked at a lot of other student’s campaigns, and the ones that stood out were always the ones I had to think about.

What about the design do you think talks to people?

I think it stands out, and it does require people to stop and think about it for a second. It’s also a bit cheeky. I like that it conveys a message through the smaller details.

What do you think the most important safety message is for passengers?
Press pause – not just on a phone, but in general.




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