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Light rail features – wheelchair help points

Have you ever noticed the blue wheelchair help points on board? Do you know what they do?

There are two wheelchair accessible spaces located onboard every light rail vehicle. The wheelchair help points, or blue assistance buttons, are available for passengers who may need additional time to exit the LRV at their destination stop.

In pressing the blue assistance button prior to arriving at your destination stop, it will ensure that the LRV double doors closest to the assistance button will automatically open and indicate to the driver to allow for additional time for you to exit before it departs.

How does the blue assistance button work?

  • Before arriving at your destination stop, press the assistance button to indicate to the driver that you require more time to exit.
  • Once pressed, the lights on the assistance button will illuminate green to indicate that it has been activated.
  • That’s it! Enjoy your light rail journey to your destination stop.
  • Once you have arrived at your destination stop, the double doors closest to the blue assistance button that you activated will automatically open and will remain open until the driver manually closes the doors.

When the blue assistance button has been activated, the driver will check their CCTV to ensure that all passengers who require additional time to exit, have done so, prior to manually closing the doors and departing the stop.

This feature is designed to be used by any passengers who require additional time to exit the LRV.

If you are travelling with any type of mobility aid or device or even have young children with you, our drivers may approach you and ask what your destination stop is to ensure that they keep a watchful eye out for you to ensure that you are able to safely exit at your stop. Safety is our priority!


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