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Students take the lead with Light Rail Safety

CMET  partnered with Gungahlin College, along with local graphic design firm Transit Graphics providing technical support and guidance to help promote the message of safety around the Light Rail.  The project was an initiative with Year 11/12 graphic design classes to develop safety messages that speak to a younger audience, with their campaigns including print and digital assets.

On November 7th more than 25 posters were assessed by a judging panel including ACT Transport Minister Chris Steel, CMET General Manager Tilo Franz, Transit Graphics director John Mikita and AFP Sgt Jason Dziubinski.

Runners up were announced as Jasmine Turner’s “Use your ears, Live for years” and Ann Marie Mansour’s “Not a game. Look & Listen. #presspauseCBR” campaigns.

After much deliberation the judges were unable to chose an outright winner, with a tie for first prize between Paloma Alves’s “You can’t pause this track” and Tahlia Jones’s “Be street wise. Be Safe. Be Seen. Canberra’s light rail is on the scene” campaigns.

Watch out for profiles on each of our finalists on our Facebook and Instagram pages, as CMET features each of the winning designs. Each of the safety campaigns will be used in and around the Gunahlin Town Centre and online to promote Rail Safety as we had into the festive season.

All 4 campaigns focus on pedestrian safety around the Light Rail, as near miss incidents with pedestrians not paying attention around the tracks continue to occur.


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