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Recruit Firefighters Depot Visit

Last week, CMET hosted familiarisation training sessions to firefighter recruits from the ACT Fire and Rescue College. The training was an opportunity for the recruits to gain experience and insights about our light rail system.

Each session was led by CMET trainers demonstrating the different equipment used during operations and maintenance. This hands-on experience also enabled recruits to gain familiarity with the tools required during emergencies, light rail evacuation procedures and the coordination required with our on-site staff during incidents.

Safety is a fundamental aspect of our operations and ensuring Fire and Rescue recruits are familiar with all our emergency protocols is mutually beneficial. While recruits gain experience and knowledge on light rail, our staff also benefited from their insights and emergency response training.

CMET is committed to fostering strong working relationships with all our emergency services to support safety on our light rail network.


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