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Meet Paloma – Joint Winner of CMET & Gungahlin College’s Safety Campaign

Paloma Alves

Year 11

Poster Campaign: You can’t pause this track


Tell us a little about yourself:

I’ve always really loved art and I wanted to be an artist. When I started high school I found out about graphic design and really set my mind to developing my skills in graphic design. It’s an industry I am really interested in.

Do you use the Light Rail?

Yes, during the holidays mostly.

Tell us about a bit about your safety campaign:

I started with the slogan. I love puns – they’re a fun way to convey an otherwise serious message. I built the design around the slogan. I made a few versions of the poster, ending up with this design.

What inspired you to choose this message?

I decided to focus on headphone users because that’s what I often see when on the light rail or if I am driving or walking around the tracks.

What about the design do you think talks to people?

It’s eye-catching but you look and have to think about the meaning. I think images and messages resonate more with people when they have to draw meaning, rather than a straight forward message.

What do you think the most important safety message is for passengers?

The light rail can’t easily stop – pause your song and be aware rather than assuming that the Light Rail [driver] will be aware of you.




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