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Local Principals Unite for Rail Safety Week

To help amplify the importance of rail safety, the school Principals from Lyneham High, Daramalan College and Merici College, have joined forces during this year’s Rail Safety Week.

Each Principal has helped CMET by recording rail safety public announcement (PA) messages. The messages will be played at light rail stops located close to their respective schools, reminding passengers especially students about the importance of following rail safe protocols when using the light rail.

Daramalan College assistant principal, Angela Dunn, emphasized the significance of involving educational institutions, members of the public and families in this safety campaign, saying, “It’s crucial to instil a sense of shared responsibility and understanding of transport safety from a young age. By participating in this campaign, we aim to reinforce the importance of adhering to safety measures when using the light rail, not just for our students but for everyone who relies on this mode of transportation.”

Merici College principal, Anna Masters, expressed her confidence in the effectiveness of this collaborative approach. “The power of familiarity cannot be underestimated. By having local principals deliver these safety messages, we hope to foster a stronger connection between the community and the importance of rail safety,” she said.

As the safety messages from the three principals is broadcast across Canberra’s light rail network, the hope is that their voices will not only be familiar but also influential in supporting a safer rail environment.


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