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Learn more about how we manage the health of our light rail vehicles

Check Oil ✅ Tyre Pressure ✅ Engine Coolant✅

These are all signals that your car provides when it is ready for a little TLC. Have you ever wondered how a light rail vehicle does the same?

The manufacturers of Canberra’s light rail vehicles CAF have designed a digital platform to do just that. LeadMind is a full cloud-native digital platform designed to improve fleet availability and reliability. We sat down with Marcus Oliveira from CAF, based in the Canberra Light Rail depot, to discuss how LeadMind is used in helping our light rail on track.

What is LeadMind and how does CAF use LeadMind in Canberra?

By providing real-time operational data to operators and maintainers, LeadMind can increase the efficiency of operations, availability, and depot performance. A bit like your car warning lights, LeadMind shares real-time information to the maintainers to resolve issues before impacting service The LeadMind platform offers many benefits such as real-time fleet management, improved diagnosis, and condition-based and predictive maintenance. All of which contribute to minimizing service breakdowns, life cycle costs, and energy consumption while maximizing passenger comfort and safety. LeadMind has the backing of CAF’s 50 years of manufacturing and maintaining light rail vehicles which provide analytical data to form the basis of LeadMind.

Since implementing LeadMind on the Canberra light rail network in October last year, the maintenance team has seen an increase in fleet availability and reliability. Increased reliability means better service and greater comfort for passengers. Through real-time fleet health status, it is possible to detect faults in advance and track deficiencies proactively so that problems can be identified and rectified without impacting service.

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Where else in the world is LeadMind used?

LeadMind is used in 58 fleet projects across more than 20 countries. CMET joins a diverse group from high-speed and regional trains to other light rail networks. More than 1500 train units and 5300 cars are currently monitored, and this number continues to grow. Across the group, there is real evidence of saving maintenance costs and improving reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety.


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