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Depot Excursion

On Thursday 6 June CMET welcomed 90 Radford College kindergarten students to the Light Rail depot. Our Customer Service team had a wonderful time showing the group of students through the stabling yard, where the LRVs ‘sleep’ at night, and then had the opportunity to board the LRVs. Students were even lucky enough to be shown inside the driver cab by a few of CMET’s talented drivers!

The students, who have been studying infrastructure systems, were all very interested to learn about how the LRVs run on electricity from the overhead lines, that drivers can drive the LRVs from both ends and that the LRVs don’t have steering wheels.

It’s never too early to teach children about public transport and Rail Safety!

The Radford College kindergarten class learned:

  • always take a seat on board, if one is available;
  • if you do need to stand while on board, always stand still and hold on to a hand rail;
  • children should always hold an adult’s hand when getting on and off the Light Rail;
  • red seating is for priority passengers including mobility impaired, pregnant and elderly passengers;
  • always stay behind the yellow line when waiting at a Light Rail stop

More safety tips and information about travelling with children can be found under safety on our website, and in our Travelling with Children brochure.



Receiving a safety briefing & checking out the tracks in the stabling yard


Having fun in the driver’s cab


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